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April 11, 2013

How safe is the Audi Q5?




The Audi Q5 excels in many areas: fuel efficiency, styling, handling, power and what is probably the most important aspect of a family vehicle – safety. The Q5 comes equipped with a great number of different safety features and it has an extremely rigid structure due to its laser welded frame. It’s clear that Audi engineered the Q5 with safety top-of-mind to ensure that Audi customers are some of the best protected in the industry.



Engineered and built in Germany. 


It’s important to remember that all Audi Q5s are designed and built in Germany, thus are required to meet what automotive and insurance professionals recognize as the some of the most strict safety standards in the world. These high safety requirements are necessary because on the Autobahn (a renown German highway where at some points speed is not restricted) vehicles regularly travel at a much higher pace than vehicles cruising on Canadian highways.  Hence when collisions occur at these high speeds, they are likely to be more severe and vehicles are often hit multiple times before coming to a stop. As the Audi Q5 is engineered and constructed to endure these situations, it is surely equipped to handle impact at speeds more relevant in our market.




The little things that make a BIG difference.


When it comes to safety, the features that at first appear as minor or simple, end up making a significant difference. Features like: power assisted steering – firmly holds the steering wheel straight when travelling at higher speeds and loosens it at slow paces for maneuvering in parking lots for example, well-tuned suspension systems that allow for optimum traction and excellent overall handling characteristics, seats that are designed to reduce fatigue and provide for clear visibility, uncomplicated instruments and controls to help the driver remain alert to the road, daytime, auto on/off LED running lights,  and form fitting, high quality wiper blades that promise to keep your vision of the road clear in rainy or snowy conditions. All of the items listed above come as standard equipment on the Q5. At a glance, every vehicle would have similar features but the painstaking measures that Audi engineers take to make sure these features are superior in every way can only be realized when you’re behind the wheel.




Safety through technology.


The Audi Q5 utilizes a number of technological safety features to make travelling even more secure. Audi’s electronic stability program (ESP) is a combination of all the advanced technologies that help keep the driver in complete control. When you need to turn quickly or swerve suddenly, ESP has the ability to apply the brakes to each individual wheel in order to keep the vehicle on its intended path. Along with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control and a tire pressure monitoring system, the Q5 comes standard with electronic brake-force distribution that works in unification with ABS to ensure maximum braking force between the front and rear wheels. An electronic differential lock that allows for a seamless takeoff on uneven surfaces or surfaces with mixed levels of grip, also comes standard. Another key standard feature on the Audi Q5 is Audi’s industry leading quattro all-wheel-drive system. It isn’t just about high performance handling, Audi quattro is a rear biased all-wheel drive system (60% of power is put through the rear wheels) that also has the ability to recognize when the vehicle loses grip and counteracts this loss by sending more power to wheels that have better road surface contact. This system is noticeable in all road conditions, but especially stands out when it’s raining or snowing.


Optional safety features on the Audi Q5 include Adaptive Headlights that literally turn with the direction of the car to light up the road when going around corners, Adaptive Cruise Control which builds on the functionality of traditional cruise control systems by automatically maintaining the driver-selected comfort spacing from the vehicle in front using radar sensors, and Audi Side Assist which monitors and identifies vehicles in the blind-spot areas as well as fast approaching vehicles and informs the driver via LED lights in the exterior mirror.



Are airbags really the pinnacle of safety features?


A lot of automotive customers make the mistake of equating overall vehicle safety with the number of airbags. We understand that this is clearly not the case, as airbags are a passive safety feature - don’t help drivers avoid collisions in the first place like a number of the features described above. Nonetheless, the Audi Q5 is amply equipped with airbag protection, standard with six of them. There are front and side driver and front passenger airbags, and two that run the entire length of the cabin for head protection in a side impact.


Airbags are however pretty much useless if the vehicle is not built around a very strong, rigid structure. The Audi Q5’s ‘cage’ is structured out of multiple high strength steel beams that run across the inside of the dashboard (connecting the A pillars), across the roof and across the doors. If the Q5 were to get hit, all of these beams begin relying on one another and work together to deflect the energy away from occupants inside the vehicle.




So to answer the proposed question: “How Safe is the Audi Q5?” – it’s very safe.  To learn more about the safety features in the Q5, or any other aspects of the vehicle, please contact one of our knowledgeable Audi Brand Specialists.





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Taylor Moffitt at 10:21 AM
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