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August 28, 2014

It's time for an oil change!


So it’s time for an oil change but you’re not sure where to take your beloved Volkswagen or Audi. You have a couple of  options: you could certainly bring it into Crosby, but you’re enticed by the lube shops’ advertised “$29.99” oil change. First, it’s important to note that both Volkswagen and Audi recommend using synthetic oil - that marketed price is definitely not applicable to cars that require synthetic. Also, the lube franchises use these kinds of draws as “loss leaders”, meaning they’re likely going to try and upsell you on a number of different items from air and pollen filters to other fluid changes, even when your vehicle doesn’t urgently need them. But the biggest concern we see at the dealership is the use of poor quality aftermarket oil filters – they simply don’t perform at the same level as those made by Volkswagen and Audi. The aftermarket filters are put together with cheaper materials, they break down quicker and sometimes just don’t fit right. These issues lead to restricted oil flow and oil pressure and in turn could cause premature engine failure and bearing damage. Check out the picture below of two used oil filters – the aftermarket one is on the left, and the Volkswagen Original part is on the right (*Note: When you get your oil changed at Crosby, we only use Volkswagen Original and Genuine Audi oil filters). You can easily see that the used aftermarket filter has constricted and is deformed, while the VW filter has held its integrity quite well.


[Left: used Aftermarket Oil Filter | Right: used Volkswagen Original Oil Filter]

How much does an oil change cost?


A lot of consumers are under the impression that getting an oil change at a lube shop is cheaper than visiting the dealer. This encouraged me to do a little secret shopping and investigate how much a synthetic oil change would be for a 2010 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5L (gas-powered engine) at various service centres. The most interesting phone call I made was to Walmart’s automotive department – the advisor said that their shop is not equipped to complete an oil change on a Volkswagen. Isn’t it quite strange that a vehicle service centre isn’t able to perform the most basic maintenance service on a VW? I thought so. Here’s a graphic that displays the rest of my findings…


[Prices for an oil and oil filter change on a 2010 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5L]


Find out exactly how much an oil change costs for your vehicle. 


Besides Mr. Lube’s $20 premium, all of the shops’ offered fairly competitive prices for an oil, lube, and filter job on a late model Jetta, but there’s another critical aspect that separates the dealership from the aftermarket stores: factory trained Technicians. Absolutely nothing against the Jiffy or Economy lube techs, but they don’t know your vehicle like the technicians who’ve been trained specifically to work on certain brands. I’ve personally heard horror stories of aftermarket lube techs draining the transmission fluid (thinking they were draining the oil) and then filling the engine with more oil – leaving the tranny dry. Uh oh! Our Volkswagen and Audi Certified Technicians know your VW/Audi inside out, so you can be sure your vehicle is getting the best care from a specialized, skilled professional. Plus, every time you visit Crosby for service, you’re vehicle will undergo a complimentary 30-point inspection and will be hand-washed free of charge! We also offer our customers service loaners or free shuttle rides and our service lounge is equipped with Wi-Fi, a stocked refrigerator and a fancy coffee/espresso machine. We even have our own loyalty program – Crosby Rewards, where registered customers earn points for servicing with us and are rewarded with gift cards, free vehicle detailing packages and can save up to $2000 on the purchase of their next car.


Learn more about Crosby Rewards. 


Why do I need to change the oil in my car?


Clean, high-grade motor oil is an essential part to keeping your vehicle running strong. Oil protects the engine by lubricating its moving parts (preventing friction and wear and tear), it cools major engine components by transferring heat away, and keeps your engine’s internal elements free of sludge and other harmful deposits. But no matter how good the oil, over time it will degrade and begin to collect dirt and debris. The more the oil is used, the dirtier it becomes and it eventually begins to leave deposits of accumulated dirt throughout the engine. When this happens, the oil no longer effectively does its job – causing increased friction and the operating temperature of the engine to rise. Volkswagen and Audi both recommend having your oil changed every 15,000km or 1 year (whichever occurs first), but we think it’s a good idea to get your very first oil change at 8,000km or 6 months after you picked your car up, and then follow the suggested service intervals. We just want to make sure that our customer’s brand new cars are performing at the level they were manufactured to.


If you have any questions with regards to the proper maintenance of your Volkswagen or Audi, please don’t hesitate to contact our Service Team; they’ll be happy to assist you.


Posted by:
Taylor Moffitt at 3:49 PM
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